Year 6 SATs

Information for Y6 Parents – 2022

The SAT tests are due to take place during the week beginning Monday 9th May 2022.

The end of Key Stage 2 Statutory Assessment Tests (SATs) are very important in some respects. Future careers do not ride on the outcomes but secondary cchools can use the SAT results to assist in planning for their Year 7 curriculum. The main purpose of SATs is to confirm the standard at which your child is working at in English and Maths.

SATs have been cancelled for the past two years due to the pandemic and the value of the SATs constantly comes into question with changes to the tests frequently taking place. If you have older children, this year’s SATs may be considerably different to those they took. The children are no longer be awarded a level for their achievements all we will know is if they have reached the expected national standard or not. The standards are high and challenging to achieve.

The tests will take place during the week beginning Monday 9th May – it is in your child’s interest if you can avoid holidays, days off, dental appointments, etc. during that week.

Here at Corvedale the Year 6 children are prepared for the tests in several ways. We use three practice test books (SAT Busters) from a reliable publisher which we’ve used for several years now.  These are short (10 minute) experiences of typical SAT style questions. There are many such guides available now but we consider this series to be the best value. 

The children are also practise using some of the full papers from previous years. This aids us with any areas which need revision.  It gives the children experience of the type of questions posed and develop their test technique.


SATs papers are the statutory tests taken by primary school children to test their knowledge of the national curriculum, as well as monitor the school’s progress as a whole.

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