Class 3

Spring Term

 Week beginning 1st March 2021

The school is setting approximately 3 hours of activities each day; parents and children can then choose how best to organise the day ahead. Please acknowledge receipt of emails. Parents can let us know of anything they’ve found tricky that we may need to cover again. It would be helpful if certain task are photographed and emailed back so we can see how they’re getting on.

Children learn and work at different rates so you may find your child sometimes completes a task very quickly. If they are taking much longer than the time indicated for the session, please don’t feel they have to complete it.


In the event of a child needing to self-isolate, we would ask them to complete the following learning at home every day if they are well. Please also use the useful links to explore other home learning options.

Reading (20 mins daily) = Reading aloud and sharing books together will help your reading improve. Please use your school home reading books or your own books to read every day 

Spelling (10 mins daily) = Spelling shed assignments refresh weekly and are linked to the homework pack spelling sheets.  

Writing (20 mins daily) = Practising writing is important. You can practise your handwriting by copying out writing from a book. You could do some news writing, create a story, write a poem or write some instructions. Please write every day.

 Grammar and punctuation (Year 3, 10 mins daily) = Use the CGP books sent home in the Summer term to practice skills.

 Maths Number Facts (20 mins daily) = You can use Number gym and Maths shed for number facts practice as well as completing the homework pack KIRFs sheets. Year 4 & 5 can also use the CGP books sent home in the Summer term to practice skills.

Maths Mastery (40 mins daily) = Please watch the White Rose Maths home learning video and complete the premium resources worksheets which will be emailed to you.